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Drupal for Healthcare

There’s a great story to be told about the growth and success of Drupal in healthcare – and almost any other industry for that matter. The latest version of Drupal is considered one of the richest and most-flexible content management system (CMS) platforms ever built. Today Drupal is used by hundreds of hospitals and healthcare systems, including many of the most prominent and effective hospital websites.

Centretek is the leading Drupal design and development partner for hospitals and healthcare systems. We built some of the earliest Drupal hospital websites and have helped dozens of healthcare organizations dramatically improve their CMS platforms ands online marketing strategy.

Why Drupal is a Top Content Management System for Hospitals and Healthcare Systems

  • Vendor Neutrality. Drupal is widely supported by a large number of qualified agencies and development shops. Unfortunately, some healthcare organizations in the past have selected single-vendor, proprietary CMS platforms. Luckily, we see many now moving away from these products in favor of vendor-neutral platforms like Drupal.
  • Flexibility and Scalability. Provides a highly flexible and scalable development foundation that can be customized to an organization’s specific needs. Open APIs facilitate integration with third-party systems and data sources like CRMs, marketing automation platforms, e-commerce solutions and social media, as well as industry-specific platforms like credentialing systems, call center software, patient portals, or syndicated health content.
  • Large active developer community. Drupal has one of the largest and most active developer communities. As such, there are more than 16,000 prebuilt Drupal modules that can be leveraged to greatly speed up the development process. Custom modules and plugins can also be built to handle unique business rules and needs.
  • No Licensing Costs. It’s open source software with no licensing costs
  • It’s proven and its usage is growing. More than 1 million websites are powered by Drupal including high-profile sites like The White House, Zappos, University of Michigan Health System, Duke Medicine, Northwestern Medicine, NASA, PBS, NBC, University of California San Francisco, Whole Foods, Duke University, and The Weather Channel.
  • Highly Ranked by Industry Analysts. Drupal is ranked as the top CMS by Forrester Research and ranked among the few leaders by Gartner Research. You can read more here – Choosing a CMS for hospitals or healthcare systems.

Why Centretek is the Leading Drupal Development Partner for Hospitals and Healthcare Systems

Deep Drupal Expertise

Whether you’re interested in Drupal for an upcoming CMS platform change, redesigning your existing Drupal website, or just looking for support services to compliment your internal team, Centretek can help. We have been building Drupal websites for almost 10 years, and we’ve implemented more Drupal hospital websites than any other firm.

We helped lead some of the earliest enterprise Drupal implementations for hospitals and healthcare systems; e.g. Cooper University Health Care and St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Since then we’ve built and supported many more Drupal websites for MU Health Care, UMass Memorial Health Care, Rush University Medical Center, Doctors Community Hospital, Midwest Orthopedics at Rush, Nebraska Medicine, and Phoenix Children’s Hospital, to name a few. Read more about MU Health Care’s award winning Drupal website.

Healthcare Experience

Equally important to finding a digital partner with leading Drupal design and development experience, is having a partner with extensive expertise in healthcare digital marketing. We lead enterprise website redesigns that embrace the move towards healthcare consumerism through improved access and transparency.

Centretek has experience building and supporting a range of Drupal healthcare modules including physician directories, location mapping, event systems, and clinical trials. We are experts in integrating Drupal with third-party systems like credentialing and call center tools, syndicated health content, patient portals, external physician directories, CRM systems, etc. We design and develop fully compliant Web solutions to meet HIPAA, PCI and other applicable regulations.

Long-term Partners

Beyond just a Drupal development shop, we serve as long-term partner for our healthcare clients. Most of our clients are with us for the long haul – through ongoing digital marketing initiatives and multiple website projects.

Interested in using Drupal for your hospital or healthcare system?

Contact us to learn how Drupal and Centretek can help transform your digital marketing efforts.