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Centretek Guiding the Digital Strategy for Leading Healthcare Providers

Over the past few years we’ve been fortunate to be able to help guide the digital strategy for some of America’s leading hospitals and healthcare systems.

Some Sample Strategy Engagements

  • Johns Hopkins School of Medicine – Website strategy / Fall & Winter 2016
  • University of Missouri Health Care – Website strategy / Spring & Summer 2016
  • St. Louis Children’s Hospital – Website strategy / Winter & Spring 2016
  • Beaumont Health – Web & Digital Strategy / Spring & Summer 2015
  • Essentia Health – Online Patient Experience Strategy / Summer & Fall 2015
  • Rush university Medical Center – Website Strategy / 2013
  • Sentara College of Health Sciences – Digital Strategy / Fall 2013
  • Howard County Community College – Website Strategy / Summer 2013

Scope of Services

Each strategy project varies based on the organization, digital footprint, market and objectives. Some typical areas of focus include the following.

Website Strategy

  • Analyze organizational and departmental goals,
    objectives and guiding principles
  • Define metrics, measures of success and ROI measurement strategy
  • Audience and stakeholder interviews and focus groups
  • Conduct usability testing and UX evaluation
  • Evaluate market competition
  • Analyze existing qualitative and quantitative data and website analytics
  • Develop user personas and journey maps for target audience groups
  • Provide CMS platform recommendations
  • Provide staffing, budget and timeline recommendations
  • Evaluate 3rd party system and data integration opportunities
  • Content strategy and architecture guidance (including SEO)
  • Provide SWOT analysis
  • Define feature and functional requirements

Digital Strategy

  • Analyze consistency of brand and messaging across all digital channels
  • Evaluate effectiveness of social media strategy and execution
  • Analyze use of email marketing and marketing automation
  • Evaluate use of paid search and display advertising

Online Patient Experience Strategy

  • Analyze all digital interactions (patient portal, text, billing, EMR, telemedicine, inpatient experience, etc.)
  • Recommendations to help improve access and transparency (including 3rd party integrations)
  • Identify ways to provide a seamless patient experience across all digital touch points
  • Provide recommended opportunities to increase revenue and profit