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Centretek Contributes to Drupal Growth Initiative

The Drupal Association is charged with supporting the overall growth and goodwill of the Drupal community. No small task given Drupal’s rapid growth over the last decade.

In support of this mission, the Drupal Association kicked off the Promote Drupal Initiative last year.

“The promote Drupal initiative creates brand standardized marketing materials that anyone in the Drupal community can use to help sell their Drupal services to potential clients, or to help promote the Drupal brand around the world. Our goal is to help grow Drupal adoption, and ensuring we enter the market with consistent messaging, look and feel is part of that.”

This initiative included the creation of the Drupal Pitch Deck to support and strengthen the position of those proposing or considering Drupal for their clients’ (or own) digital needs. This deck paints a very compelling picture for the strength and value of Drupal as a leading WCMS platform, and provides general information on Drupal growth – including the explosive adoption of Drupal 8.

Drupal 8 growth

The highlight of the Drupal Pitch Deck is the 80+ case study briefs. Centretek and our clients at MU Health Care proud to learn that our case study was selected from among the millions of Drupal websites to be featured in this project.

Other great examples of Drupal in action include case studies from organizations like Arsenal FC, NASA, NBC Sports, Weather Channel, Wendy’s and PWC.