What is eventsi?

There’s a better way to create and manage your events.

Eventsi is a complete event registration system to handle all of your organization's classes and events. It mimics your design and theme so you can painlessly promote events on your website.

Powered by Centretek. Built in Drupal.

Designed to fully integrate with your existing site, Eventsi gives you the power to create fully customizable events – from unique recurrence schedules to your brand’s color palette and fonts.

Key Features

These are your events – let’s make them look that way!

Branded Events

These are your events – let’s make it look that way!

Promote Products

Select products to sell along with your events, such as a branded yoga mat or t-shirt.

Event Dashboard

Everything you could possibly want to know about an event in one easy to read spot.

Recurring Events

Easily create and manage a series of recurring events or classes.

Automated Waitlist

Users will seamlessly move from the waitlist to the registration list when a spot becomes available!

Text Notifications

We’ll set up text reminders so your users don’t forget about an event!

Custom Communication

Customize the communication that your registrants will receive.


Admin roles have access to the data they want and need.


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