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Let SPM Group help take your brand to the next level with BrandNEXT. This highly collaborative brand development and implementation offering covers all your current and future needs, from positioning and identity to messaging alignment by audience and effective communications development. Together through our digital marketing strategy, we’ll develop your forward-looking and powerful BrandNEXT Truth and 360 Brand Planning approach. BrandNEXT is appropriate for M&A and new brand development, existing brand evolution, and/or breakthrough campaign development.
  • BrandNEXT Workshop — Energizing work session involving cross-functional teams and roles to envision the future of your brand.
  • BrandNEXT Moderator — Online tool that informs the category, consumer, and brand (external) perspectives.
  • BrandNEXT Monitor — Survey tool targeting internal stakeholders/employees throughout the organization to raise engagement.
  • Consumer Connect — Combines qualitative social listening and quantitative data for a 1-2 punch to boost service lines.
  • BrandNEXT Truth — An ownable yet succinct, aspirational statement that can be “lived” across the entire brand experience and each marketing touchpoint.
Designed to competitively elevate a brand across the organization, BrandNEXT 360 is full surround sound branding that ensures your brand is consistent and cohesive no matter where people interact with you. We believe every touchpoint is an opportunity to strengthen your brand relationship internally and externally.