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Drupal DevOps/SecOps

Centretek is a full service digital agency delivering technology-driven, multi-channel MarTech and interactive web solutions. We breathe everything digital and pride ourselves on blending highly creative concepts with strategically informed frameworks that allow us to connect consumers with brands in memorable ways.

We are looking for an energetic and passionate Drupal DevOps/SecOps to join our team. Working closely with our development, and account teams you will be responsible for working directly with the I.T. Operations Director to implement and optimize DevOps and Security.

You’ll have the flexibility to be 100% remote.

Our websites and systems team is always in demand. So you’ll be joining one of Centretek’s fastest-growing teams, with plenty of opportunities for career development.

What you will be doing.

  • Working with Git workflows to implement GitOps and git-driven pipelines to automate deployments to various hosting companies such as Acquia, Pantheon, and AWS.
  • Developing Drupal Configuration Management best practices including config sync, config ignore, and config split.
  • Architecting and configuring local containerized environments using Lando.
  • Creating, configuring, and documenting continuous integration best practices with Bitbucket, Travis CI, Circle CI.
  • General systems administration working with Linux,OS, and Microsoft.
  • Extensive work with Acquia and Pantheon to assist with deployments.

What we’d like to see.

  • You’ll have worked with Drupal for three years or more.
  • You’ll have a strong work ethic and passion for DevOps and SecOps.
  • You’ll be experienced in working with Lando and Docker.
  • You’ll be confident in producing Git Pipelines and Continuous Integration workflows.
  • You’ll be experienced with semantic and accessible markup.
  • You’ll be experienced with Acquia and Pantheon hosting environments.
  • You’ll be a team player, caring for and supporting your colleagues.

What would really shine.

  • Extensive Drupal configuration management work, including automated deployment/synchronization, config split; occasional Drupal install profile work.
  • Strong git skills and understanding of git workflows with substantial experience with source code management platforms (such as GitHub and Bitbucket), to implement GitOps and git-driven pipelines.
  • Architecting and configuration containerized applications;particularly with Docker, and common local Drupal development tools such as Lando.
  • Architecting, configuring, and managing both manual and continuous integration, with Bitbucket, Travis CI, Circle CI,and other CI workflows,including artifact-base development/deployment.
  • Architecting, documenting, and helping implement local development setup and workflows (QA/UAT, Dev/Test/Prod) for project teams (primarily Bitbucket, Lando)
  • Configuration and management of common Drupal databases,including MySQL, MariaDB, Aurora/RDS; bonus for Postgres experience(particularly associated with Atlassian, Jira, and Confluence configuration/management)
  • Administering multiple AWS-based services, including Lamba, EC2, EBS, ELB, RDS, S3, Route53, EKS, IAM, KMS, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, and Cloud Formation.
  • Configuration of common caching strategies and tools related to Drupal, including Big Pipe, open-source options (Varnish,Memcached, Redis), and major platforms (Akami, Cloudflare)
  • Integration and managing tooling for performance tuning(New Relic) and load testing (Gatling, Artillery, Loader).
  • Other general DevOps and systems administration tasks,such as cron, logging/log streaming, search (Solr, Elastic Search, Algolia), SecOps (not required, but beneficial), and release management

We’d love to hear from you!

If interested, please send an updated resume with your salary requirements and availability to: