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Content Strategy
& Writing.

Centretek’s content strategists and writers support our clients in researching, defining, and executing overall content strategy, and creating engaging original content to support organizational objectives and audience needs. Our team members have extensive experience working with health systems and creating consumer-focused content to support patient acquisition and improve patient experience as part of our digital marketing capabilities.

Research & Analysis.

To inform both high-level strategy & specific writing assignments

  • Analytics research: Analyze user behavior and identify problems and opportunities.
  • User research and usability testing: Web surveys and phone interviews to inform strategic decisions. Research (forums & other online communities). Usability testing to validate and refine content decisions.
  • Stakeholder research: Interview leadership, key stakeholders and other SMEs.
  • Competitive research: Research and analyze competitor content to help identify gaps, opportunities and differentiators.
  • Content audits and analysis: Analyze current content to identify gaps and opportunities.
  • Keyword research: To inform all writing assignments. We may also use it to help identify content gaps and opportunities.

Strategy & Content Design.

Drawing on our research, we develop various artifacts to document strategic decisions and guide content writing

  • Content strategy documentation
  • Content models: Detailed definitions of each content type’s elements and their relationships to each other
  • Governance: Develop principles and processes that guide when, why and how content is created.
  • Content templates: For key content types to ensure that it’s consistent, aligns with the strategy, meets user needs, etc. Leverage various tools like Word, Google Docs and GatherContent.
  • Voice, tone and style guidelines: Support brand story and writing consistency.
  • SEO strategy: Optimize and target content for organic search – traditional and voice

Content Creation.

We also create engaging content — and also empower our clients to create it

  • Training and documentation: Conduct live training sessions or develop training materials on plain language, SEO optimization and web writing best practices.
  • Writing and revision: Write or re-write webpages, feature stories, press releases, microcopy, social media posts and more. Routinely interview clinical stakeholders to inform content. Keyword research and suggest appropriate cross-links to ensure all writing we deliver is SEO-optimized.